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District Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Frank Verducci, WTB

MBD Anti-Bullying Specialist
Karleen Faliveno, MSW

SRD Anti-Bullying School Specialist
Anne Martini

WTB Anti-Bullying Specialist
Rachel Millward

HIB Policy 5512
HIB Grade 2016-2017

Policy 5600 - Code of Conduct
Regulation 5600 - Code of Conduct


Welcome to the Martha B. Day School

Cheryl Mallen, Principal
225 Rafkind Rd.
Bloomingdale, NJ 07403

Phone: (973) 838-1311
Fax: (973) 283-1476

Martha B. Day Elementary School is a school that embraces excellence for all its students. This 156 student school houses grades Pre-K to grade one. Everyone in our school is a part of this community of learners. We recognize and honor our students' cultural diversity as well as their individual talents and abilities.

Educational Philosophy

We provide each student with a strong academic program which reflects the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards. Our focus is on writing across the curriculum and cross curriculum connections. Differentiated instruction allows all children to learn in accordance with their particular learning style encourages them to demonstrate their knowledge in many different ways. In reading and language arts we are incorporating a balanced literacy approach which incorporates guided reading and focuses on grouping students flexibly in order to meet instructional needs. Daily shared reading includes whole group instruction of skills and strategies. The skills taught include comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary.

Our special subject teachers are consistently looking for creative ways to enhance student learning. In technology, the children not only learn discrete skills but more importantly have opportunities to integrate the use of technology into the content areas. In art, we enjoy having a school-wide project which this year reflects the theme of diversity in our schools. The musical programs will be integrated with thematic units from each grade level.

Our primary school is now devoted to the young learner and it is essential for us to respect the fact that learning is developmental in nature and that each child will make progress at his or her instructional level.

We want our students to become life-long learners who have all the skills necessary to reach their highest potential as citizens of a global community. Toward this end, we seek to encourage self-esteem, build independence, instill a strong work ethic, teach communication skills and encourage positive interpersonal skills.

Working hand in hand as parents, teachers, administrators, and with the community at large, we will provide our children the young children of Bloomingdale with the strongest foundation for becoming life-long learners.



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