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Samuel R. Donald School

Elaine Baldwin - Interim Principal/Superintendent

29 Captolene Avenue

Bloomingdale, NJ 07403




Samuel R. Donald

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Mission Statement


Samuel R. Donald School creates a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through an integrated curriculum.  Our school embraces lifelong learning and problem solving in a safe and positive environment, allowing children to achieve their personal best. Students are taught skills, which will enable them to function effectively in, and contribute to, a technological society. We strive to have our parents, teachers, and community members actively involved in our students' learning.  In a supportive environment, students are encouraged to achieve goals and exit with outcomes set forth by the Bloomingdale School District.





Anne Martini- SRD Anti-Bullying School Specialist
Samuel R. Donald School

 Frank Verducci, District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Walter T. Bergen Middle School

HIB Grade 2015-2016